What are the benefits of a UK education? Why should Chinese students pursue a higher degree in the UK?

The UK education system, world-renowned for its advanced teaching methods and high quality, has developed for hundreds of years. One of the main reasons why, for instance, people might prefer the UK education to the US is its teaching methodology. The latter focuses on critical thinking and creativity, as well as research ability and self-study skills, which are essential for students to do well in their future career.

Students are encouraged to concentrate on their interests, cultivate their own thoughts and allowed to challenge traditions or authorities. Therefore, students might be willing to share creative ideas with each other and put them into practice. Sometimes brilliant thought could play a vital role in various fields, for example, promoting economic benefits of a company, improving a medical technique for patients and even reforming the whole society. Helping to make the world a better place by creative thoughts might be regarded as the ultimate goal of education.

When compared to other education systems, it is much more ‘efficient’ to achieve a degree in the UK. For example, it will take three year for a student to gain a Master’s Degree in China, which only takes one year in the UK. In other words, the UK system saves plenty of time, while ensuring excellent academic standards.

Therefore, UK has become a popular country for Chinese students to choose to further their education. The educational experience in the UK can help widen students’ horizons by encouraging their critical thinking. Indeed, many companies in China prefer to hire graduates who have overseas education background, especially a UK degree, since they are more talented, creative and employable. Furthermore, it is better for Chinese students to improve their second language in the UK since this leads to a better understanding of the western culture during their study while exploring them to an increasingly internationalized world.

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