What evidence is required to sponsor your non-EEA partner if self-employed?

You might be able to qualify for a spouse or partner visa to enter the UK if you meet the relevant criteria such as financial requirement, genuine relationship, English test, adequate accommodation etc. In order to satisfy the financial requirement, applicants would need to show evidence of the sponsor’s status of either being employed, or self-employed, or have sufficient cash savings to ensure that there will be recourse to public funds.

If the applicant were to rely on the sponsor’s self-employment to qualify, more complex documents are required to confirm the sponsor’s income for the last full financial year is more than £18,600. The British partner needs to submit documentation such as Company Tax Return, evidence of company registration with Companies House, company’s accounts, business account bank statements, personal bank  statements, dividend vouchers, payslips and P60 etc. Please note that if there were to be any discrepancies, this should be addressed and explained.

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