What should you do if you wish to hire non-EEA employees?

If you wish to recruit non-EU migrants in the UK, it is necessary for your company to hold a Tier 2 sponsorship licence. As part of the sponsorship licence’s obligations, UK employers are also required to ensure that all their employees are eligible to legally work in the UK and they also need to keep relevant evidence on their HR files.

Our Corporate Immigration Services

With the Home Office taking a more pro-active approach, we understand that many businesses are currently being audited by the UKVI sponsorship team. The penalties or fines for non-compliance can reach up to £20,000 and non-compliance can also result in the license being downgraded, suspended or even withdrawn.

To assist sponsors with worksite inspections, Migra & Co has introduced a comprehensive audit service, which includes:

  • Tailored service designed around your business needs and budget;
  • Review your HR and record-keeping procedures in order to identify any business practices that may put the licence or the sponsor at risk;
  • Audit reports of migrants’ files with recommendations on how you might be able to improve your procedures;
  • Detailed audit report.


In addition, we can arrange in training to ensure that the key personnel in HR are completely up-to-date with the sponsor’s obligations including reporting and record keeping. We can routinely provide detailed advice on how to assess a migrant’s prospective Tier 2 General or Tier 2 ICT and confirm their employment’s eligibility, before and after the recruitment stage.

With ever changing rules what’s right today may not necessarily be right tomorrow and it will certainly be beneficial for the sponsors to keep up to date with the changes to avoid penalties as well as being named and shamed for non- compliance.

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