When is there a need to transfer your visa?

Where an applicant is no longer able to enter the UK within the 30-day period granted for an entry clearance or where a visa is attached on a passport and that passport is expired or lost, the passport holder might need to transfer the visa.

If an applicant is no longer able to enter the UK within 30 days

As of 31 July 2015, all applicants granted for entry clearance for more than 6 months will be given a 30-day vignette to enter the UK. If an application can no longer enter the UK within this period, he needs to apply for a replacement. He does not need to apply for a new application.

However, if the passport is lost or stolen before travelling to the UK, the applicant will need to apply for a new passport before applying for replacement. A police report may also be required.

If the passport with visa vignette is expired

Any visa (or leave) endorsed in an expired passport remains valid until the expiry date of that visa. The applicant must present the visa on his expired passport and the new passport when seeking entry to the UK. However, an applicant may choose to transfer the visa vignette on his expired passport if he thinks it is necessary to do so.

When applying for transfer under this category, the visa vignette in the expired passport must be presented, unless it can be demonstrated that the expired passport has been retained by the issuing authority.

Once the visa (or leave) is transferred, the old one will be cancelled without prejudice.

If the passport with visa vignette is lost or stolen

If the applicant loses or has his passport with the visa vignette stolen, he needs to apply for a replacement visa (or leave). A police report or other evidence that satisfactorily establishes that the passport is no longer in possession will be required. The applicant may also be asked for supporting documentation to establish that his circumstances have not changed.

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