Why instructing an immigration expert if you receive a UK visa refusal?

Applicants might receive a UK visa refusal due to their lack of familiarity with the UK Immigration Rules, leading to harmful mistakes during the application process. Making false representations and information, using false documents or not disclosing material facts are general grounds of refusals with or without the applicant’s knowledge. A refusal record can undermine the credibility of applicants who intend to make a new application. In the most serious circumstances, it might lead to a 10 years re-entry ban.

There are several remedies that applicants can take after receiving a visa refusal. The simplest way is to re-apply, submitting a new application form with new evidence and a new fee. The second choice is to ask for an appeal but in most cases, one can appeal only on human rights grounds. The third remedy is applying for admin review if an applicant can identify a caseworker’s error. The last resort is to ask for judicial review of a decision but this can be costly and time-consuming. However, both an appeal and admin review have certain strict criteria and must be applied in a limited time period. Therefore, a qualified immigration advisor can offer sound guidance in the form of a detailed consultation to help applicants choose the appropriate strategy, as well as prepare all the necessary supporting documents.

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