1. Introduction


This privacy policy sets out Migra & Co’s commitment to you in respect of how we handle your personal information that we collect through your use of this web site and our services.


For the purposes of this policy “Migra & Co” means Migra Global Network Limited.




This privacy policy includes:
(a) Migra & Co’s general privacy terms that apply to all our dealings with you in any capacity; and
(b) additional privacy terms that are specific to this web site, which can be found below in the section headed “additional privacy terms for this web site”.




2. What information do we collect about you?


The personal information we collect about you is made up from the information you and others give us during your use of the web site and our services and during our communications with you.


3. What about sensitive information?


We do not generally seek to collect sensitive personal information about users of our web site and services. If we do seek to collect sensitive information we will ask you to explicitly consent to our proposed uses of that information at the time of collection. We use the term “sensitive personal information” to mean information about topics such as personality and private life, racial or ethnic origin, colour, membership of political parties or movements, or other such sensitive topics.


4. Can you give us information about another person?


If you give us information about another person then we accept it on the understanding from you that you have made the other person aware of how we will use and disclose their information and the other person has given you permission to provide their details to us. You should not provide us with others’ personal information if this is not the case. We accept information about you from other persons on the same basis.




5. How do we use your information?


We may use your information, as a data controller, for the following purposes: (a) to provide you with our web site and services; (b) to comply with legal and regulatory requirements; (c) to carry out credit checks, to detect, investigate and prevent fraud and to trace debtors; (d) to update and enhance client records; (e) for internal analysis and research; (f) to send you publications, event information and marketing communications about our legal products and services which we think may be of interest to you; and (g) to help detect, prevent and deal with crime and unsavoury behaviour.


We may also use and disclose information in aggregate (so that no individuals are identified) for marketing and strategic development purposes.


6. Do we use your information for marketing purposes?


We may use your information to market our own products and services to you (please see above for details). We send most of our publications, event information and marketing communications by email, but we may from time to time use other permitted means, such as post or phone.


You can tell us at any time if you would prefer not to receive our publications, event information and/or marketing communications. The easiest way to do this is through our web site (please see below for further details).


We are not in the business of giving your information to third parties to allow them to market their goods and services to you – and we will not do this unless you specifically ask us to do so.




7. Are we concerned about keeping your information secure?


We take security issues seriously. We have implemented appropriate steps to help maintain the security of our information systems and processes and prevent the accidental destruction, loss or unauthorised disclosure of the information we collect.


8. To whom may we disclose your information?


We may disclose your personal information to: our agents, service providers and other offices (some of which are located outside the European Union) for any of the purposes set out in this policy; credit reference agencies, the police, Government departments and agencies for the purposes set out in Clause 5.1(c); and any person for the purposes set out in Clause 5.1(b) and (g).


We may give your information to third parties to allow them to market their products and services to you, but only if you specifically ask us to do so (please see above for details).


We will not sell your information to a third party, except in the unlikely event that we sell our business, or a substantial part of it; in which case we may sell your information as part of the sale to allow the purchaser to carry on providing some or all of our services to you.




9. Do you have your own contact details page on the site?


One of the main benefits of registering to use our site is that you will then have your own secure page on the site that allows you to quickly and easily update your personal contact details and your preferences for the receipt of publications, event information and marketing communications from us.


10. Does the site provide tailored content?


Currently, the site does not aim to provide you with tailored content, but by registering to use the site you can tailor the communications we send to you to meet your needs.


11. Does the site use cookies?


The web site uses a small number of non-intrusive cookies.


Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet by web sites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make web sites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to web site owners.


12. What types of cookie does the site use?


We use cookies to (a) remember your browsing preferences when you visit the site so that we can give you a better site experience and (b) collect anonymous statistical information about the way you use the web site so that we can improve the way the site works (for example, we collect information about the number of visitors to the various parts of the site).


The cookies we use are non-intrusive and are used by most web sites. None of your personal details are held in these cookies. The information box below describes the cookies that the site uses and why:


Migra & Co


File name:


How long will the cookie stay on my computer?


Session cookie
This cookie helps us to manage the session for a unique visitor to our site. No personla information is stored and the cookie is deleted as soon as the browser window is closed.


We work with the following companies in maintaining and improving our website. A brief description of what they do is found below. We ensure that any company which works with us and collects personal data complies with strict data protection standards. If you have any more questions, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Add This | Privacy Policy


Add This provides the social networking widget found in many of our pages. This widget gives you the tools to bookmark our websites, blog, share, tweet and email our content to a friend.


Google & Google Analytics | Privacy Policy | Cookies


We use Google Analytics to better understand how our customers navigate to and through our websites, how long customers spend visiting our content items and how often they return to visit our websites. Google Analytics also helps us track the effectiveness of the money we spend on our digital marketing campaigns.


Ad Insight | Privacy Policy | Cookies


We use As Insight to better understand how we can reach the right customers with the best available data. This helps us to improve our services to all of our customers.


Stat Counter | Privacy Policy | Cookies


We use Google Analytics to better understand how our customers navigate to and through our websites, how long customers spend visiting our content items and how often they return to visit our websites. Google Analytics also helps us track the effectiveness of the money we spend on our digital marketing campaigns.


CloudFlare | Privacy Policy


We use CloudFlare to ensure our content is highly available and delivered to you from the closest data center in the world.




14. Can you see and update the information we hold about you?


You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you (for which we may charge a small fee). If you find at any time that any of the information we hold about you is incorrect then you should promptly notify us and we will correct the inaccuracy.


15. Do our privacy practices apply to disclosures you make to third parties?


Please note that this policy addresses only the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. If you give your information to others, whether they are third parties that we introduce you to or third party sites that you visit by clicking on a link on our web site, different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of the information you give to them. We do not control the privacy policies of third parties, and you are subject to the privacy policies of those third parties where applicable. We encourage you to ask questions before you disclose your personal information to others.


16. How do we update this privacy policy?


We may amend this policy at any time by posting a revised version on this page of the web site.


If we make a change to this policy that materially affects you – for example, we wish to use your information for a purpose not set out in this policy and for which we need your express consent – then we will seek your consent to the change and the change will only take effect once you have given us your consent.


In all other cases, the change will take effect on the date that we post it on this page. We will take your continued use of the site and our services after that date as your acceptance of the change, so if an amendment is not acceptable to you then you should stop using the web site and our services.


17. How can you contact us about privacy issues?


You can contact us about privacy issues or comment or complain about our privacy practices by contacting us at [email protected].